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Nuit transfigurée

J.B. Borowski A. Schoenberg A. Webern 

The remarkable transcriptions for piano trio of Verklärte Nacht by Arnold Schoenberg and Langsamer Satz by Anton Webern, composers of the Second Viennese School, allow us to hear in a strikingly novel way the emergence of a new musical language at the turn of the 20th century.
Today, this genre remains equally compelling, attested by Klaviertrio of Johannes Boris Borowski dedicated to the Trio Steuermann. The young German composer has managed to reconnect with the search for innovation crucial to his illustrious predecessors; similarly to them, he lias succeeded in speaking to our hearts and minds.

Maiko Matsuoka, violon
Christophe Mathias, violoncelle
Anne de Fornel, piano

T.T. 51'34
1 CD
© 2016

15,00 €

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Detailed program
HORTUS 130 | CD DDD ℗ Hortus 2016 | T.T. 51'34
  Arnold Schoenberg
  Verklärte Nacht op. 4  
  Transcription : Eduard Steuermann
1. Sehr langsam 6'20
2. Breiter 5'54
3. Schwer betont 2'02
4. Sehr breit und langsam 9'45
5. Sehr ruhig 4'05
  Anton Webern
6. Langsamer Satz 8'42
  Transcription : Michel Mathias
  Johannes Boris Borowski (1979)
7. Klaviertrio 14'46

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Detailed program






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