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Albéniz, initially an incomparable virtuoso, acquired a wonderful mastery of composition. Although he was nothing like Liszt, his generous abundance of ideas reminds us of him. Albéniz was the first to capture the widespread melancholy and special moods of his native country (he was Catalan). Few pieces of music approach ‘El Albaicín’, in the first book of Iberia, with its atmosphere of a doleful guitar in the night and its sudden arrousals, like nervous jolts. Without actually reproducing popular themes outright, this music comes from one who grew up with them, heard and assimilated them to the point of including them in his music with no perceptible line of demarcation.
Eritaña from the fourth book of Iberia, portrays morning joy, the fortuitous finding of an inn with cool wine. A constantly changing crowd goes by, tossing out bursts of laughter to the rhythmic jingling of skirts. Never has music attained such varied, colourful impressions: one’s eyes close as though dazzled by too many images.

Kotaro Fukuma, piano

T.T. 85'54
© 2012

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Detailed program
HORTUS 093 | CD DDD ℗ Hortus 2012 | T.T. 41'21
  Isaac Albéniz
1. Evocatión 6'29
2. Cádiz 'El Puerto' 3'54
3. Corpus Christi en Sevilla 8'51
4. Rondeña 7'00
5. Almería 9'55
6. Triana 5'08
HORTUS 093 | CD DDD ℗ Hortus 2012 | T.T. 44'33
  Isaac Albéniz
1. El Albaicín 7'59
2. El Polo 7'20
3. Lavapiés 6'43
4. Málaga 5'06
5. Jerez 11'25
6. Eritaña 5'59

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Detailed program






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