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Dans la bibliothèque des Esterházy

Joseph Haydn 

Télérama, ffff

Haydn composed his last sonatas whilst in the service of Prince Esterházy. At the pinnacle of his art, the ‘Symphony King’ gave his favourite instrument, the pianoforte, a more intimate expression, interior and affectionate, in the E♭ major Sonata, dedicated to his friend Maria Anna von Genzinger. The C major Sonata, unlike the former, remained closer to his grand symphonies.
He also wrote short works for mechanical clock, automatons constructed by the Prince’s librarian Primitivus Niemecz. Some of these, veritable miniatures of his art, were arrangements of other pieces taken from his symphonies or quartets. They sound marvelous on the organ.
After leaving the Prince’s court in 1793, Haydn composed his extraordinary Variations in F. They finish in a vast coda quasi fantasia, dramatic and moving, in a very modern style.

Yasuko Uyama-Bouvard, pianoforte

T.T. 57'04
1 CD
© 2012

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Detailed program
HORTUS 098 | CD DDD ℗ Hortus | T.T. 57'04
  Joseph HAYDN (1732-1809)
  Sonate en mi bémol majeur  
  Hob. XVI - 49
1. Allegro 7'30
2. Adagio e cantabile 8'10
3. Finale (Tempo di Minuet) 3'44
  Extrait de Sept pièces pour horloge à flûte avec 23 ou 24 sons  
  (horloge de 1793 et 1796
4. Allegretto en ut majeur 1'15
5. Menuet en ut majeur 1'27
6. Andante en ut majeur 1'13
7. Vivace en ut majeur 1'24
  Sonate en ut majeur  
  Hob. XVI - 48
8. Andante con espressione 8'17
9. Rondo (Presto) 4'39
  Extrait de Cinq pièces pour horloge à flûte e=avec 16 ou 17 sons  
  (Horloge de 1792)
10. Andante en ut majeur 0'51
11. Presto en ut majeur Hob.XIX.24 1'02
12. Allegro ma non troppo en ut majeur 1'17
13. Menuet Allegretto en ut majeur 1'02
  Variation en fa mineur  
14. Sonata un piccolo divertimento (Andante) 15'06

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