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B for Betsy

Jolas Betsy  

Diapason, 5 diapasons Victoire de la Musique, 2003

« My music !

Listening to it live has always been for me a kind of revelation.
A discovery of what I had heard silently singing inside me, and then day after day, and still in silence, worked at translating in musical notation, suddenly projected in the reality of everyday life and sounding in full force.
A discovery of MYSELF in music !
But there is more to it, and this is something I only recently understood. Indeed, what I am hearing here is not only my music. These wonderful musicians playing it before me with such passion, after spending hours unveiling its most hidden secrets, this pianist, this violist, my beloved performers have left their mark on it as well.. I owe them a good part of this « setting to music » of my life experience. They have sung it here in my name so that everyone can listen to it over and over. »

Géraldine Dutroncy, piano
Laurent Camatte, alto

T.T. 66'50
1 CD
© 2012

15,00 €

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Detailed program
HORTUS 099 | CD DDD ℗ Hortus | T.T. 66'50
  Betsy Jolas
  Quatre Duos  
1. L'Ardente 4'17
2. L'Interdite 4'19
3. La Toute-Vive 1'50
4. La Grande Irenée 2'03
5. Pièce pour piano 8'38
6. Quoth the raven 5'50
  (version alto piano)
7. Pièce pour Saint-Germain 9'25
8. Ruth wohl 4'27
9. Episode sixième 8'37
10. B for Sonata 17'24

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Detailed program






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