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Martin Matalon - Philippe Hurel 

The CD/DVD ‘Tramages’ intertwines three different musical languages as it demonstrates the versatility of the Ensemble Mesostics. The specificity of the programme – four Trames by Martin Matalon, Interstices by Philippe Hurel and the Violon Concerto by Bernard Cavanna – is particularly linked to setting up a new and freer relationship between the soloist and the ensemble.
This recording offers the audience an image of stylistic diversity with regard to contemporary creations by highlighting a different soloist in each work: piano, horn, oboe, percussion and violin. Accompanying the CD with a DVD enriches the listening experience with a visual dimension: one can discover the Ensemble in rehearsal and recording sessions, as well as interviews held with the composers, the conductor and the artistic director.

Anne de Fornel, piano
Guillaume Tétu, cor
Julien Weber, hautbois
Lucie Antunes, percussion
Amaryllis Billet, violon solo
Ensemble Mesostics
Renaud Déjardin, direction
Jean Geoffroy, direction

T.T. 143'20
© 2013

15,00 €

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Detailed program
HORTUS 104 | CD DDD ℗ Hortus 2013 | T.T. 72'03
  Martin Matalon
1. Trame IV pour piano solo et onze instrumentistes 14'13
2. Trame VII pour cor solo et quinze instrumentistes 13'43
  Philippe Hurel
3. Interstices pour piano solo et trois percussionnistes 13'50
  Martin Matalon
4. Trame I pour hautbois solo et cinq instrumentistes 11'41
5. Trame VIII pour marimba solo et huit instrumentistes 18'36
HORTUS 104 | DVD ℗ Hortus 2013 | T.T. 71'17
  Martin Matalon
1. Sessions de répétition et d'enregistrement des Trames I, IV, et VIII
  Bernard Cavana
3. Concerto pour violon

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Detailed program






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