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La Ballade des pendus

Vincent Paulet 

“Human brothers who live after us, / Do not harden your hearts against us
For if you do take pity on us, poor things, /God will sooner show you mercy.”
François Villon
Super performers explore the many facets of François Villon’s world in a piece inspired by his famous “testament”. Allegedly written while the poet prepared for a tragic death, Villon’s founding vision has lost none of its intensity over time. Virtuosic and profound, lyrical yet distant, the music conjures up images of nocturnal ceremonies, with moments of irony and hallucinatory delirium. Subtle and intense at the same time, the omnipresent piano reigns supreme over this unique world.

Marion Ralincourt, flûte
Isabel Soccoja, mezzo-soprano
Nicolas Krüger, direction
Arnaud Vallin, violon
du Quatuor Parisii

Florent Héau, clarinette
Xavier Gagnepain, violoncelle
Jean-Michel Dayez, piano

T.T. 75'27
1 CD
© 2010

15,00 €

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Detailed program
HORTUS 080 | CD DDD ℗ Hortus | T.T. 75'27
  Vincent PAULET (1962--)
  La Ballade des pendus  
1. Strophe I 5'16
2. Commentaire I 3'26
3. Strophe II 3'52
4. Commentaire II 2'52
5. Strophe III 3'04
6. Envoi 3'46
7. Sonatine pour violon et piano 3'04
8. Nuit 13'15
  Sonatine pour violon et piano  
9. I 4'16
  Partita 2  
12. Prophétique 3'24
13. Exubérant 2'15
14. Recueilli 4'27
15. Dansé 2'26
16. Sur un nuage 2'50

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Detailed program






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