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Les sept dernières paroles du Christ


Diapason, 5 diapasons

Transcription by Vincent Genvrin
Although Haydn did not himself transcribe Christ’s Seven Last Words for organ, he showed us the clear interest of this exercise with his numerous other transcriptions (for orchestra, quartet, piano, oratorio).
Playing Seven Words on a French instrument dating from Haydn’s epoch, in the context of a real spiritual concert, brings out the ‘symphonic’ mixtures and settings used under Louis XVI, very different from those of a François Couperin or a Nicolas de Grigny.
A moving sound image of the instrument before its restoration.
A piece of music highly representative of the Century of Enlightenment.

Vincent Genvrin, orgue

T.T. 54'22
1 CD
© 2008

15,00 €

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Detailed program
HORTUS 057 | CD DDD ℗ Hortus 2008 | T.T. 54'22
  Joseph HAYDN (1732-1809)
1. L'introduzione 5'07
  Maestoso ed Adagio
  Transcription : Vincent Genvrin
2. Sonata I 9'07
  Largo (flûtes)
  Transcription : Vincent Genvrin
3. Sonata II 6'29
  Grave et Cantabile (Récit de trompette et dialogue de Hautbois)
  Transcription : Vincent Genvrin
4. Sonata III 6'11
  Grave (Récit de Hautbois)
  Transcription : Vincent Genvrin
5. Sonata IV 6'44
  Largo (Choeur de voix humaine et récit de Cornet)
6. Sonata V 6'04
  Adagio (Grand choeur, Nazard & Trompette d'Echo)
  Transcription : Vincent Genvrin
7. Sonata VI 5'06
  Lento (Grand choeur et Récit de Cornet)
  Transcription : Vincent Genvrin
8. Sonata VII 6'56
  Largo (Quatuor de Hautbois & Voix humaine)
  Transcription : Vincent Genvrin
9. Il Terremoto 2'32
  Presto e con tutta la forza (Grand Choeur), tremblement de terre
  Transcription : Vincent Genvrin

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Detailed program






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